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Recently I've bought a Cowon i9+. I have also a Shuffle for weight lifting. At home I've got a old Denon pma 425 r with cd and stuff.

I'm not impressed with the Cowon: with stock earbuds I can't say It is much better than the Shuffle.

I listen to Baroque (Vivaldi, Bach), Death Metal (Death, Necrophagist, Arsis), Black Metal (Graveland, Burzum, Nokturnal Mortum).
Death metal above all sounds quite dull to me (Graveland and some black maybe acceptable).

I like my music crisp as corn flakes with milk, not colored, not warm.

I'm no audiophile (at least, not for now). So I'm confused.

I've about 100 - 150 € to make the Cowon better.
I do not want Portable Amps.


I could go cheap with Monoprice iem and Portapro, then see and go for something bigger.

I could buy a decent IEM (Etymotic HF5? Brainwavz B2?).
I could buy a decent headphone (Grado Sr80?).

I live in the country so there's no "crowded metro" problem, isolation is not a priority.

Also... are Tdk IE800 decent enough for fast and aggressive music? There's a promo on Amazon it: IE800 for 60.00 € shipped.
They are Dynamic, so I'm not sure about them.

I would like some advice...

Thanks and Regards from Italy