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Originally Posted by RogerWilcoZA View Post

Correct...so if no sound was coming out of the RCA audio outs, does that mean the only way to hook up a HP amplifier to a AV receiver is via the HP Jack (or just rely on the AV receiver solely?)

You could hook up an external headphone amplifier to the NAD's headphone jack, but not something that I would do, would rather not get into double amping.

I would say it would be better to invest into a external DAC/amp and feed your source(s) into the DAC/Amp.


I just paid $300 for an Audio-GD NFB-15.32 DAC/Amp, comes with USB, optical & coaxial inputs and has a headphone amplifier along with a separate (analog) line-out feature.

Makes my DT990 Premium 600-Ohm headphones sound nice.

I would assume it would bring out the best in your current 50-Ohm HD598s.


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Sorry for bringing up an old thread.

I have the same issue as stated in this thread.

PurpleAngel, are you still using the Audio-GD unit in your system?

Are you using it on an AVR with a digital out/analog out combination?

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