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New Bluetooth Headphones

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So I was looking for some new headphones and came across these new Sync by 50 Bluetooth headphones:




They look awesome and aren't massive which are part of why I was drawn to them. I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about these since I can't find reviews anywhere. I know typically bluetooth headphones aren't the greatest for sound quality, but doesn't bluetooth 4.0 kind of make the issue a little better?


Any advice/input would greatly appreciated, Thanks

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Logitech has the Logitech UE 9000 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for $400 - $200 off with coupon code logi_ue9000_102313 [Exp 10/26] = $200 with free shipping. http://ue.logitech.com/en-us/product/ue9000

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I've got the logitech ue 9000, and can vouch for those too.

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