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Hey guys, I buy almost all of my music from websites like or other places to buy dance music, I'm really concerned with it being properly organized. I have a 64gb ipod that I use inside my car that is plugged directly via usb cord (WE ALL KNOW AUX CABLE IS BAD QUALITY!).


Now the issue is a lot of my music includes tracks that are made by multiple artists.. but typically in the dance music industry the artist tag is given to both or all collaborators , random example of what I'm trying to explain is something like this.


Song Name - I Need Your Love Feat. Ellie Goulding

album artist - Calvin Harris

artist - Calvin Harris

album name 18 Months


now here is a favorite song of mine

Song Name - Never Say Goodbye Feat. Bright Lights

Album Artist - Hardwell, Dyro

Artist            - Hardwell, Dyro

Ablum          - Never Say Goodbye


The problem with this is then when searching for music on my cars head unit to my ipod it typically only reads the first artists name, a artist like hardwell this year alone has put out about 10 different collaborations with different artists meaning I would need to think in my head of which artist came first in alphabetical order to find the right song. Is there any way to make it so I can list the song under both artist but only have one artist name for each. As in the song comes under artist name "Dyro" and "Hardwell" but only appears on my ipod/itunes as either "hardwell" or "dyro" and not both? I think if you see this picture you would understand, I would rather have the song listed twice under each artist then under the longer name but I still want to have the proper artists listed.. sounds stupid i know but let me know if there is a way to fix this..


I know typical common sense use the main artist of the album that the track is from but most of my music is released as singles and nothing more.