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Hi everyone. I've been lurking around the forum for the past few years but just recently decided to create an account. Many thanks to all of you on here and the advice you give out everyday. Many of my past purchases have been a result of hours of research and grinding through posts on this forum. Little bit about myself; big online gamer (fps & rts), enjoy speed typing on several sites, and dabbling in the world of audio. My current setup I'm playing around with at the moment is a Creek Destiny Cd player, Herron HL1 preamplifier, and a Creek obh-21se headphone amp. Only have a few pairs of headphones at the moment (2 Koss esp950s, senn. 598s & 600s). Hoping to jump up to higher level cans at some point but still not sure exactly what I'm interested in (more reading on here I guess). If you have any suggestion feel free to throw it out.