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60 Hertz Noise After Getting New Schitt Asgard 2?

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Hey, guys! I just purchased a Schitt Asgard 2. It came in today, and I finally got around to hooking it up. Now, I have an insane amount of hum coming from my headphones. I'm not exactly sure that it's 60 hertz, but it seems like what I've experienced before. The PIMETA that I have been using does not make this noise whatsoever.


It's strange, because, if I plug it into my Galaxy S4, there is no hum. There is degraded sound quality, but that's neither here nor there. There is hum when it is fed through my FiiO E10, though. Once again, there is no hum when my PIMETA is hooked up through the E10. Anyone have any insight? I thought the DAC being close to the new Asgard transformer was causing interference, but I've tried having both amps running simultaneously, and there is still no hum from the PIMETA. I've unplugged the Asgard from any source, turned it all of the way up, and there is no hum, so I feel like it must be coming from the DAC? Why wouldn't I hear the same through the pimeta, though? Is there something going on that I'm not aware of?


Thanks guys!


-EDIT- It's so bad I can't even listen to music. The noise is so annoying.


-EDIT2- Grr... Annoying. I was toying around with it some more and my computer being plugged into the electricity is causing it. Whenever I unplug my laptop charger, it goes away. Why doesn't this happen with the PIMETA, though?

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Can you try plugging the power cord of the Asgard2 into different outlets?

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I'm not sure if you caught my last edit or not, but the noise is coming from my computer's charger being plugged in. As soon as I unplug it, the noise completely goes away, and I mean COMPLETELY. Why would my PIMETA filter this but the Asgard would not? Interesting... Now, how do I get rid of it aside from never having my laptop charging?

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It's probably a ground loop. Same noise I was getting with the a2. Fixed mine using a hum-x. Test using a cheater plug. Apparently it's really common with laptop charger setups as I found quite a bit of videos http://youtu.be/jSA2F1AwboU
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Thanks. I should have tried some things myself before I posted so I didn't waste everyone's time. I was just really confused, because I thought I would hear noise with the PIMETA if it were a ground loop, but my PIMETA being two prong would explain that.


Thanks a lot guys. I might invest in a Hum-X.

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