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So the rubber casing on my MDR-V6 headphones had split, leaving the cable exposed.


I decided to attempt to follow this tutorial:


Basically, I cut the cable, with the plan of stripping the wires inside, and splicing them...


However, the wires inside were not like any wires I've ever seen. I was expecting copper wires coated in rubber...


No. The cables inside were basically thin metal wires wrapped around what looked like white strands of fabric... I've never seen a wire like this.


Here is what the outside of the wires looks like:


And the inside is just thing white strands.


I tried combining and soldering the white strands anyway, but that didn't work. Then I cut the wire and tried combining the outside green/red/brown wires with each other... still no luck.



Anyone know what kind of wire this is, and how to repair it?