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Hi - relative newbie here although lurking for long time.


I am thinking about acquiring a desktop computer system that is relatively inexpensive (have $500 in my account for this).  I currently have an old pair of Grado 60's that I plug directly into my laptop - my Grado's are about 15 years old and at the end of their days.  I have a good small dac and all the cables I need to set this up - just need headphones and an amp to plug the dac into.  So looking for newbie advice - I am good with buying used - what would you buy.  Oh yes listen to all kinds of music although have aging years and seem to be sadly moving away from the likes of Porcupine.  Finally I do typically like tube gear (have a set amp, and a doge tube preamp, plus a lampizator dac in my hifi setup) but know this might not work for my budget.


Appreciate any experienced advice with this modest system.

 if you liked that Grado sound signature....grab you a pair of Grado 225i and a Little Dot +1 will be under budget and have excellent sound.......if you can spend a tad more....grab you a used Grado RS1i and a LD+1 amp and never look back.