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For Sale: DT-990 600 Ohm Manufaktur

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For Sale:
DT-990 600 Ohm Manufaktur

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am looking to sell my DT-990s to make way for my incoming LCD-3s. I am selling the WA3 that I use these with and have a mjolnir on the way. I can't justify getting these recabled so I can use them with the mjolnir so they gots to go.


These are two years old and have seen a lot of use, but they are in great shape. The drivers themselves are about a year old as they had to be replaced.


Asking $225 shipped within the US.

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I like teh Metal Grills 

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I love the all black look! I wish I could drop the cash for these but I can't at the moment. Just chiming in to say GLWTS! 

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