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Here's the funny bit now. Apparently, the units I heard were not burnt in properly.


I've recently tried the S-EM6 again from a friend and it does seem to hit most of the right notes for me now. It's a touch cold and dry sounding (if that is even a proper way to describe them?), but otherwise very pleasantly/brutally honest and delivering an *almost* studio-like clarity. The caveat I was served was that Ear Sonics seems to have quite a legendary after sales service in the industry, which can be a critical factor for me in the decision making process. The asking price for a pair is also pretty silly now, considering how much I would have to give up to get such a small improvement.


Looks like I may really have to hunt for customs now at this rate.

I see. There seems to be many new universal iem's out at the moment that seems to perform nearly as good as top tier iem's so it might be worthwhile to check them out as well. Never heard any of them myself though so I'm not sure if it's true or not.


It's totally understandable since it is really expensive. I'm already satisfied with the sound quality of mid tier iem's so I don't think I'll be jumping in into top tier universals or customs any time soon.