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For Sale: Altmann Tera Player

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For Sale:
Altmann Tera Player

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The Tera Player needs no introduction. I'm selling it because I need some extra cash to complete my recording studio.. 

My TP has some sign of use, it got some scratches in the corners but other than that it works flawlessly (hence the "quite low" pricing).

I'm asking for €725. Buyer pay shipping and paypal fee.


TP produces sublime sound quality when paired with a matching IEM such as SE5 or Pro330. Buyer need to be careful with impedance matching. Please read TP forum for pairing suggestion. 

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This is an absolute bargain at the price and I wish you well with the sale.

The Tera Player can sound sublime and very 'analogue' when paired with the right headphones. I nearly sold mine a few months ago but just couldn't be without it's musical magnificence.

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Yes sold mine and then 2 months later got a new one.
Nothing sounds like the Tera does.
And at this price is a steal.
All the best
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I will most likely regret selling it.. But unfortunately I have different priority at the moment.
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Hello Jazzyfi,

you have a PN.

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