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Hi Guys,


I'm looking to buy a new DAC and Amp soon for my HD650s but I also plan to get either LCD-3s or T1s in the next couple months. I'd rather just get the best I can get now rather than having to upgrade later on so I thought I'd come to the experts for advice. My budget is around $2k for an amp and DAC. 


I had been looking at the Burson Conductor for a long time, but recently I started to read reviews that the DAC isn't up to par for the LCD-3s. Is this true? 


The Grace m903 has caught my attention as well, but I haven't found much info on the amp. Does anyone know how it compares to the Burson Conductor? 


I really don't care if it's an all-in-one solution or if I have to get a separate DAC and AMP, just the best sound / value for the money. I plan to listen to all types of music on it, but Rock, Classical, and Jazz mostly. Thanks for any suggestion.