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For Sale: Jh Audio jh16 freqphase j3a

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For Sale:
Jh Audio jh16 freqphase j3a

Will Ship To: con us

For sale is a j3a version of the jh16 freqphase and i will include the 3.5 mm adapter. paid $625 for them and an extra $40 for the 3.5mm adapter. I filed them down a bit to fit comply t500 foam and silicone tips bc i wasn't sure if i was going to commit to reshell, so they are already semi universal, and they fit me with small ears and my wife with even smaller. I talked to mitch at dream earz and he would reshell them for $175, and I think inearz might do it for 150. Selling for $100 under market value bc of my less than stellar file job, but this will allow for a fairly accurate representation of the phones with the silcone tips and they are still perfect for a reshell. Will post pics as a reply to this posting. Thanks for looking!
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Well... thats what I get for posting pics with my phone. And im too lazy to fix it. That's my daughter by the way.
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Hello, I'm interested and have sent you a PM :)





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