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      I was getting up, and the cord snagged on my knee. The cable flew out. Alright, that made me feel like an idiot. So I put the cable back in and continued on my merry way, enjoying my cans.


      Later on, I unplugged them momentarily then plugged them back in. No left channel. Scary. So I hurried to my desk to hunker down and identify the problem. The left channel only made sound when I wiggled the connector. I tried different cords; same results. So the problem lies within the cup. So I opened my babies up and tinkered around to no avail.


      The problem seems to lie within the component itself, and I've looked around the web to find a replacement, again to no avail. Of coarse, it would be nice if I had a warranty, but alas, the previous owner of my beloved cans disposed of it with the original packaging. 


      So now I seek your advice and help............

                                                                      And thanks in advance!