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HD800 vs T1/A1 combo

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Hi guys, 


I really could not decide whether should I get HD800 or T1/A1 combo. My amp is burson soloist, I dont think i can max out the performance of HD800 given that HD800 is really amp picky. so i really need you guys' opinion

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What kind of music do you usually listen to?
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i usually listen to metal, R&B and Classic

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Classical or classic rock?

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sorry for this misleading, its classical

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Assuming you meant classic rock, the T1 would probably be the better option for you. It's a much more forward headphone that would pair well with your listening preferences, though  I must warn you that both the HD800 and T1 have a somewhat "hot" treble; this may be an issue with metal tracks, which I have heard are often quite bright.

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Thanks a lot

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