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For Sale: FS: Zana Deux Transformer (ZDT)

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For Sale:
FS: Zana Deux Transformer (ZDT)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've had this amp for a while now and am now sadly putting it up for sale.  It's close-to Zana Deux sounding but is a completely different beast, smoother, more bassy, and more focused in the limited testing time I've had the two in the same room.  Great with phones I've tried: hd800, hd650, ad2000, HP-2.  It offers speaker outputs and 4-pin balanced as well as 1/4" single ended outputs, three switchable RCA inputs.  This one has a black top and stock copper transformers.  Will come with 6c33c's and an Electro Harmonix 12ax7.  Fit, finish, and condition is damn near perfect, and that's saying something for an Eddie Current product.  Also included but not shown is the umbilical cable of course, soft (paracord?) military green sleeving.


No original box but I ship properly, unlike some members here I understand what it means to ship an aluminum 20lb amp.


I am looking for $1650 shipped in the CONUS, I eat the fees.  Sorry for the dust in the pics.


Looking for possibly LCD3 or he-6

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Gorgeous amp.  The black top looks great on yours.


 I love my ZDT.  Very powerful and articulate presentation, with punchy bass! 

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Wow, I want..

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pm sent

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Lots of interest no buyer yet :(  Taking a real beating here.

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I tried sending you another PM but it seems I've reached my allotment of two PMs today so please feel free to send me an e-mail at to discuss this matter further.  




TOPnut (Frank)

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