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Polk Monitor 60s for $100 each

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At newegg via slickdeals. Any opinions whether I should get these as an upgrade to my Cambridge S30s?

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The price is good. I don't see why not buying if you have plans of changing your equipment anyway. Tell us later your impressions. 

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I agree, too, that the price is good. But that doesn't mean you will find them to be a good upgrade over the S30s. Just because a speaker has more drivers than another in a different speaker line does not necessarily mean it will sound better to you. I definitely prefer the S30s to the smaller M40s; the Cambridge speakers just seem a better speaker line than the Monitor line. Although the M60s will have deeper bass extension than the S30s. If that is what you are looking for, might be better to save for a sub.

Also, you might consider the S70s which are on closeout at accessories4less (Cambridge is replacing the S30s and S70s with a new line).

In the same price range as the M60s, you might also consider the Pioneer FS52.
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