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For Sale: Stax 007 mk1 (like new) -> SOLD

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Stax 007 mk1 (like new) -> SOLD

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling a Stax SR-007 high-end electrostatic headphone


Serialnumber is SZ1-1***).


 The cosmetic condition is nearly as new. 4 years old. Technical 100%.


Complete in original casing.


Looking for SOLD euro.


Please pay attention to additional cost besides net price for stax!

Shipping (+/- 3kg, including track&trace+signature): 20,00 euro (EU) / 35,00 euro (USA)

Paypal: 3,5% (EU) / 4,0% (USA)

Payment via Bankaccount: free


See also Ebay for rating (100%): haagsevos


Open to trade in's: Leben 300xs, other good amps to drive my HD800.

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For Sale or Trade: €1,500 (EURO)
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Sale is on hold. 


After some late-night-listening-sessions i decided on more testing and comparing. Caused by some acoustic blues. This sounded great on the Stax 007 / High-amp Hybrid V4 combo. After that a classical piece with violins (Emerson String Quartet / Beethoven opus 59) blew my mind. So why sell it when it gives you fun. But will it the fun equal the fun I have wit my HD800. Testing and comparing and above listening and enjoying music will have to sort this one out.


Any recommendations on amp’s and music here?

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I pulled the trigger.  My Stax-period is over.

I have decided to stick to my HD800.


Sale is on for the Stax SR-007 mk1.

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Sale is pending.

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