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Hey folks -- for roughly 7+ years I've owned the UE 5 Pro and then later the UE 10, and several ones of each. Now the 10s are coming to an end, and I am thinking about what to buy next. Here are my criteria:


- I loved the clear, neutral and delicate sound of the UEs. When I went from the 5s to the 10s it was yet another dimension in terms of clarity and resolution

- I want IEMs that are easy to use every day, including all kinds of sports (running, skiing, biking etc.). I don't want to be very careful with my headphones and want to carry them in my pocket

- Only with the Comply Foams I had a really perfect fit with the UEs. So I'd prefer a similar fit and/or Comply compatibility

- What I did not like too much in the end with the UEs that they stuck out so much out of the ear. That made it sometimes difficult for wearing a helmet or other gear. Ideally I'd like something smaller now

- Another thing I really disliked with both UEs was the cabling. I must have ordered 10 additional cables over the lifetime

- In terms of price range my sweet spot would be 300-400 USD, but I'd be also willing to go up 700+ if it's really worth it.

- One thing I don't know yet is whether I should try custom in-ears (for example about which I heard great things). I am not sure whether it's worth it, and honestly they look a bit too geeky


Any advice very welcome! Thanks a lot!