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Title pretty much says it all. So far I am interested in the ER-4p (willing to buy an adapter for S but want portability as an option), Brainwavz B2, DBA-02 MKII, Westone 4, and Viewsonic GR07. I'm leaning towards the ER-4 but my only reservation is the lack of bass impact- I don't want anything bass heavy but I don't want to wish more was there. 


Additionally, most of the time I will be using these with no amp. When I do amp up, it will be to a decent quality audio recording interface that doesn't have an amp designed specifically for listening, but still supplies adequate power and sound quality. So id prefer the IEM I end up getting to not have to be amped to sound decent. 


Any insight on the options I have listed or suggestions for other options for me to consider will be much appreciated!  Overall I want the highest level of detail $350 can buy without having too high of amping demands.