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sony mdr 7520?

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I was told these would be a very solid upgrade from my shure 840 headphones i broke the other day, i am faily limited to gutar center as i have a 217 dolar gift card for the replacement of my headphones. For portable use would the sonys be recommended? is the sound the same? just everything improved. i very much prefer over the hear heapdhones, i do not care about how they look, however i do prefer closed so that everyone around me doesnt hate me because of it. these will be used at school and various public places, also will be used at home, i am looking into getting the schiit magni and modi for home use, would these cans benefit from this? will be used on my laptop and sony xperia z tablet, maybe some time with my cellphone but doubtful

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The 7520 is efficient enough to be driven well by portable devices and laptop computers with on board audio.  The 7520 has a removable cable.  You can buy a double ended male 1/8" short cable for portable use.  Such an item is easy and affordable to buy from Monoprice or other vendors.


The 7520 is both better in all respects than the 840 (unless you like the mid bass hump and somewhat recessed treble of the 840); it is more neutral, accurate, extended and images better than the 840.  It is also easier to drive than the 840.

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