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just bought these almost unknown IEMs from Amazon Italia. They are called also "Jivo Elements". They cost 17.90€. Could not find any specs except they are made of rosewood.


I have little experience in reviewing IEMs, i have Radiopaq Jazz and Classical (13€) , Panasonic JHE300 (27€), (earbuds) AKG 316 (27€) and (headphones) AKG 518 (45€).




I find these Jivo well built. The cable and the global construction quality is really good, the wooden parts, the silicon tangle free cable and the solid 45 degrees connector give a premium feeling.


I am not expert enough to tell if the "wood " is real rosewood or plastic, but if feels authentic.


To be short the cable is lightyears above my Radiopaqs (terrible) and the rest is simply different (Radiopaqs are made of aluminium) but on the "better" side (much better than Panasonic, not for durability, but for feeling, beeing Panas made of plastic)




Amazing right out of the box if you are not a "highs-fan". It feels similar to the Panasonic JHE300 but with less definition in the highs and more in the mids that are advanced and well presented even when hearing live recordings. Bass is powerful, more warm than precise, but never unpleasant. The mids are always on top. The highs are present, but maybe the less impressive of the total sound signature. 


We have:


Much more bass than Radiopaq Classical (easy...), little more than Jazz (that wins in definition), slightly more than Panasonic. Globally the most cutting bass is found in the Jazz, only if you fit 'em properly, but the Jivo is good enough if you like it powerful.


Similar mids than Radiopaq Classical (maybe a little more), more mids than Jazz, absolutely more than Panasonic. 


Much less highs than Classical, little less than Jazz, same than Panasonic. The highs lack a little in definition against all the others IEMs and are the real "con". If you like totally precise and cutting highs you will not be satisfied.


So why i like them? because the final recipe is pleasant and i like the soundstage too. I feel like i'm hearing some old wooden hifi speakers, more warm than cutting, more rich than sound-separating, but really satisfying. It's the only IEM i got that has good bass and good mids. Obviously the cost is a factor. I like classical music, these will be ok, but you will loose a little. If i had to choose a single IEM between mine maybe i will choose Jivo for the overall experience. If only Radiopaq made a better cable and a different design for the Jazz i could choose 'em. 




Quite comfortable, much better than Jazz (i hate it) maybe little worse than Classical (i love it) and Panasonic (really good)