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Hi all


Been massively absorbing information recently for my IEM purchase as my old one broke. I had a Bose in ear which recently died in 1 ear. I've also used the UE500vi before (again died in 1 ear)

I use a JVC HA-RX900 with some modding for my computer and it's great with deep bass, great soundstage, good mids and highs (sometimes really high highs after modding) and great instrument separation. Would this make me more inclined towards warmer sound?


I've read around a lot and seems like the 2 most popular/bang for the buck/great quality 100-150$ items seem to be HiFiMan RE-400, VSonic GR07mkII/GR07mkII bass

From what I’ve read….treble/high is more expressed and can be sometimes more sibilant/harsh with the GR07 mk2 than with RE-400 which can be quite even or sometimes recessed. Mids are better expressed in RE-400 than the GR07 mk2 and the RE-400 have better mid bass. The bass in general is more prominent with the RE-400 when compared to GR07.
Guess the GR07 mk2 bass edition would make it much closer to the RE-400 compared to GR07 mk2 if I’m not mistaken from the reviews but with mids not as forward?


In the end I'm a bit confused as to what to get considering I do love great instrument separation and soundstage (not too much) but at the same time also love clarity, bass (not a basshead) and mids to get that music detail out. 

I listen to Electronic, ambient, ambient bass, DnB, some jazz, trance, IDM, soundtracks and some pop. I usually lean towards non vocal tracks.


Any suggestions between the 3 or maybe other ones, please keep in mind I live in Canada and prices can go up here or shipping issues.


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