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For Sale: Selling a pair of Sennheiser HD800s

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Selling a pair of Sennheiser HD800s

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey there, gals and guys!


Up for sale are going another pair of the finest headphones Sennheiser has to offer so far ( perhaps excluding

the legendary Orpheus ) - HD800. This pair belongs to a friend of mine, that got the phones two months ago from

the only authorized dealer of Sennheiser in Bulgaria - Dynacord, Sofia. The phones for sale are his second pair

of HD800s, since he initially bought his first pair back when they were first introduced and made available in

Bulgaria. He's an avid audiophile and managed to get the current HD800s at a heavily discounted price, knowing

a few guys from the Dynacord personnel. The fact that they were also his second pair, helped a lot as well.


The reason behind selling the headphones is that my friend has decided to upgrade his speakers and needs the cash.


The 800s are in pristine technical and cosmetic condition. They've only been used a couple of times, which is

clearly visible - not even the slightest sign of earpad wear, which, we all know, is usually the first thing to

notice on a used pair of HD800s. I've been entrusted with the whole package - manual, boxing, the headphones

and their cable, of course. I tested them thoroughly with my new Asus Xonar Essence One Muses edition DAC ( my

old E1 departed for Canada in the beginning of October, after a successful sale, conducted right here on Head-

Fi ), and was able to verify their 100 % technical status.


The price for those puppies will be set at 850 USD. The main reason for the relatively low price is the sweet

deal my friend managed to get for them in the first place. Other than that, nothing else would warrant a price

drop, since the phones are in practicality brand new.


Payment is to be done the usual way - via Paypal. A shipping quote will be sent within 24 hours, the phones

will be shipped out within 48 hours tops, assuming it's not a weekend, and I will make sure they are carefully

and tightly packaged to prevent any possible damage while in transit. The original Sennheiser packaging helps a

lot with that, of course, since we all know how the HD800s box looks like, and how it's designed. When I sold

my own pair of Senns here, I did not have the original package, and still managed to get them safe and sound to

their new owner in the UK.


Any questions you might have, don't hesitate to PM me here, email me at "bozaaaa@abv.bg" or Skype me at

"ionicles". Whichever's most convenient for you.

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Why are you selling them so cheap?:)

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I would suspect something fishy going on myself, Nilov, but I guess you didn't really take the time to read the ad thoroughly. My friend got them at a heavily discounted price, because of his connections with the Bulgarian distributor of Sennheiser, and due to the fact that they are his second pair of HD800s.

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Sorry,but my Enlish not very well :)

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No worries. The price was determined by my friend, since he is the actual owner of the phones, although I am still entrusted with them for the sale, payment and shipment procedures. I guess he isn't looking to capitalize on the deal he got for them, but simply to obtain some cash for his next purchase.


Will answer all PMs within an hour or two, since I'm quite busy at the moment.


Stay tuned!

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May you have also balanced cable for HD 800?

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Does the price include postage and paypal fees?

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PM sent.

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wow great price....

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Thank you everyone for the interest shown. Headphones are now sold and I am officially closing the classified ad.


Gotta run, got a busy day ahead of me, so I apologize in advance to those that PM-ed me and haven't yet received a response from me. I will do that a bit later today when I get the chance.

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I never got a reply :(

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