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Philips X1 VS PSB M4U1 The final showdown!

Poll Results: M4U1 Or X1: Better all rounder?

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Hello all!


Realistically i am interested in both headphones, but i will only buy one. Which is better in audio quality (best all rounder) and comfort ONLY, i am not interested in build quality etc as they will live at home on my desk or on my head. I have a slightly larger than average head, but not massive so excessive pressure shouldn't be an issue.


Currently i listen to all types of music from my ODAC being fed into my O2 (previously using an E11 as a main amp). The O2 has really opened my eyes as to how good my current main headphones (ATH M50's) can sound, and want to make a long term commitment (a year or so) to a 300 dollar pair.


Also yes i have done a lot of searching and reading but i can't find a comparison between the two, which seems silly since both are in a similar price range and are BOTH highly recommended depending on the thread.


Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks!



PS the poll is for those who want to have a say without having to drop by.

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I have the X1 and had the M4U1.


Between these two, M4U1 is the better all rounder. It has a much more neutral sound than the X1, making it suitable for most genres. X1 is more bassy and open. The M4U1 is also easier to drive, so you can get it to sound good without much amplification. The X1 however needs an amp to get the best sound out of it.


In terms of sound quality, I'd say the M4U1 edges the X1 out slightly. M4U1 has a bit more detail and clarity than the X1 IMO. However, the soundstage is smaller and closed in compared to the open X1, but since you are coming from the closed M50, I guess that wouldn't be much of a problem for you.


As for comfort, I find the X1 to be more comfortable. The M4U1 has ok comfort, but the clamp might hurt a little if you have a big head.


To sum it up, M4U1 if you prefer a neutral sound, X1 if you want more bass and wider soundstage. Personally I think the PSB is the better value out of the two.


Good luck on choosing your next headphones!



(If you're curious why I sold my M4U1, I just didn't like the Beats-like design)

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Thanks for the opinions lalala6 smily_headphones1.gif very helpful.

Sadly living in Australia headphone stores that stock anything halfway interesting are very few and far between so often trying before I buy isnt an option.

I'm not a massive fan of the styling either, but for this pair I just want my money going to the sound, so I guess the m4u1 is the pair for me (for now) I also have the ad700's and ms-1i which I absolutely adore, however moving into a office situation at home with my girlfriend closed is the safer bet.

Thanks again!
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If you're interested in the M4U1, you should also take a look at the NAD VISO HP50. They're very similar to the PSB (also being designed by Paul Barton) and are a great pair of headphones. They're basically a slightly less balanced, better build, and IMO better looking M4U1.

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Agreed, much better looking lol. Cheers i will keep them in the list until i finally commit.

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