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Advance Acoustic MDX-600

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Store link where im going to buy it if it's any decent - http://hifi-punkten.se/info.asp?ID=5763


Anyone heard about this dac?
I have been googling but can not find any information or reviews about it in english/swedish. I can only find like 2 reviews wich is in German and French.


It's perfect price for my price budget and im looking for an dac with balanced outputs, so i'm thinking of getting it.


If anyone have any experience with it I would be glad if you were willing to share it here :)

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I never owned it, but as I was very interested in buying one of them few month ago I read quite a lot of reviews and customer feedback of this DAC. And finaly I had a chance to listen to it in my local audio shop. (With some NAD amp and Focal 714V loudspeakers)


If you want to know how it sound it quite neutral with very slight  accentuation of highs and mediums.

Not über musical but quite enougth for me. It was my listen but the review I read (I am french speaking and there is quite a few of them in french) said barely the same thing.


As I am not a expert and had only 2 different DAC in my life so I can't say if it is good for the price. But apparently : very good. Indeed Advance acoustics a french/chinese brand is known for the very good value of their products 


(If you want to know why I did not buy it in the end : It is because back then I was looking for a DAC AND amp for my TV/Hifi/gaming setup. And I discovered the Teac AH01 which had the two functions and is VERY compact (also because I found a barely used one for 250 euros)


Hope it helps. :) 

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Ah ok :) Well yea, I went to a local store and the owner said it wasn't truly balanced. They had some kind of chip placed at the inputs, so I went and bought myself an Hegel Hd20 instead :) But thanks anyways!


Hope ur teac works well!

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