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Looking for first audiophile iems

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Hello, i had few iems <100$ in my life and one full size headphones. I liked full size headphones, but they wasn't comfortable for me so i choose to use iems. For now i have sennheiser cx 980 for about a year and looking to improvement. I will listen flacs with my galaxy s3 and sometimes will use them at home with xonar u7 sound card. I like to listen many kind of music, but most of them are electronic/rock/alternative rock. I narrow my search to these models Westone 4r/Shure 535/Logitech UE900, i want iems which have removable cable, in case it gets damaged so i can change it. I can spend 300-500$ for it,or maybe someone can offer any other iems to look into. What i dont know does these models need amp to sound best they can? Becouse i wouldn't like to carry amp everywhere with me. Also im not sure if iems with cable around ear will be comfortable for me becouse i never tried it. Looking for some help! :)

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The Westone 4R and EX1000 are pretty good choices. 

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Fisher Amps Fa-3e are very good and are within your budget. They have detachable cables, but they go over your ears, which I have never found to be uncomfortable even with glasses on. Not sure how they are unamped, never tried them without a portable amp.


They also make an XB version for those who like more Bass. Never tried the XB. I have always found the standard type to be just fine. I have similar interest in music to you, and find there very good.

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Yes the fa 4e xb are probably the best choice for alternative rock/electronic genres(i lidten mainly to all kind of alternative stuff) in that price 500$, have the ex1000 and had the 535 and find the amps far beyond to them in sq and fit is very good also
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westone w4r

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After some more reading, im still thinking about shure se535/westone 4r. Shure 535 i could buy cheaper and probably could test them, but after my sennheiser's i suppose they sound much better so dont sure if that test will help me. What about amp, i wouldnt want to carry it, but if the sound will be much better i could think about it, just saw new fiio e18 which also works as dac for android devices, but its expensive investment and i wouldn't carry amp always with me.

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So i bought ue900, still waiting them, but curious did the amp improve sq or ue900 easy to drive?also im thinking to get x3 over my s3 but not sure did it worth, does sq will be noticible better over galaxy s3?my most albums are good quality and master flacs, some mp3, but the thing if i wouldnt get noticible improvemt i prefer s3 becouse dont need to carry another device with me, sorry for my english..
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