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I recently left my portable system on an airplane so I am looking for a replacement combo but I find almost no comparison information between my older equipment and the current models.


I had Ultimate Ears 10 Pro connected to a Ray Samuels SR-71 with a Cardas Audio mini-to-mini interconnect through a Sendstation PocketDock, all in a 1120 Pelican case with 2 iPod 160GB Classics.


I guess a logical place to start would be to consider the current equivalent models which would be the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro and the Ray Samuels SR-71A or B.


I would appreciate any information about the differences in sound between the UE-10 and the UE-18 and also between the SR-71 and the SR-71A or B. I would also consider other recommendations from those same manufacturers e.g. Ray Samuels Shadow etc.


Lastly, I have not really kept up to date on the market for the last few years and I notice a lot of competitors that I am not familiar with such as JHA, Westone etc. I would appreciate any comparisons/information or just recommendations to direct competitors or better to my starting point of the UE 18s and SR-71 A or B.