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For Sale: IC: Stanton Dynaphase Sixty

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For Sale:
IC: Stanton Dynaphase Sixty

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Just an interest check on my Stanton Dynaphase Sixty.


They're in perfect shape, the sapphire cups and cable are perfect and not faded at all, the cable is nice and well kept, however there's a bit of white paint on it from God knows what in the past 42 years.


This is one of those odd beasts of a headphone, they're ridiculously huge and heavy with massive circumaural earpads, gorgeous if a bit silly looking on the head, with ridiculous soundstaging capabilities and an infinite capacity for bass and volume. Somehow comfortable even though they way twice as much as an LCD-2, two drivers in each cup, and the sensitivity of an efficient IEM. 


To quote another head-fier, these are "the eptiome of the american 'bigger is better' concept". 


They were modded in the past with some blutak (as is recommended by every owner I talked to) but this has been undone. I can reperform the modification if the buyer wishes it.


Price is open to discussion, PM with offers.


Thanks again. Pictures will follow soon.



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Bump, Ill post pictures soon.

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Argh, bump, pictures soon :S

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thanks for the item.. SOLD TO ME..

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