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For Sale: JVC HP-DX1000 - Price reduced

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For Sale:
JVC HP-DX1000 - Price reduced

Will Ship To: Continental U.S., Canada

I'm putting my JVC DX 1000 up for sale.


Functionally perfect with a few minor cosmetic issues. The wood cups are in pretty good shape except for one tiny nick on one side.  The outer lining of the cord has some fraying in one spot. There is also a small nick in the wood of the hp plug. 


Finally, on the inside of the headband on one side and on the outside of another side, you can see the typical DX1000 crack. I've taken a close-up picture of it, to the best of my abilities. The cracks are barely noticeable and doesn't appear to present any structural issues. I didn't notice it while using them. There are probably hundreds or thousands of people happily using DX1000s with very similar cracks. It's a known issue with this design.


The above flaws don't interfere with the enjoyment of these headphones in anyway. I am mentioning these cosmetic issues in the interest of full disclosure. 


For the record, there are very few headphones out there that are truly unique, that sound different in a way that is really exciting, as opposed to just being incrementally better or worse versions of the classic high-end sound. The JVCs have this in spades. The bass on these is unlike the bass I've heard on any other headphones, and that includes Denon D7000s, Ultrasone Signature DJs, Audez'e LCD-2s, HiFiMAN HE-6s, V-Moda M100s, etc. It isn't just a question of bass quantity, extension or slam, but a question of the character of the bass. Hard to describe, but very, very pleasurable. And the rest of the spectrum is lovely as well! These aren't just some sort of bass-monster one-trick ponies. They perform very well across genres and the bass is well-integrated and not intrusive.


The price is 600 shipped within the U.S. If gift option is not used, you'll need to pay the 3% paypal fee. Includes original box and materials. Shipping to Canada will be extra.


Only shipping to continental US and Canada.


Since I already reduced the price by a large amount, I don't plan on going down any further. So please- no lowball offers.  


Thanks for looking and feel free to ask questions.

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dang i wanted these but went with the lcd2 instead... I might regret it later....I sent a pm earlier but I guess no trades would work huh?

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Good price.

Someone should grab these unique cans.

I would have, but already have a pair.

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Wow. Great price. That's a lot of fun headphone for not much cash.

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payment done

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Originally Posted by Alitaher2009 View Post

payment done


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