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For Sale: FS -Ultrasone Sig pro; IC AKG Q701

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For Sale:
FS -Ultrasone Sig pro; IC AKG Q701

Will Ship To: Conus

1. Fostex TH900- all stock, good condition- paid $1600. recent price drop so looking for reasonable offer- SOLD
  I picked up a pair with balance cable. Comes with everything but the stand- keeping the stand for my current pair SOLD

2.Beyerdynamic T1- all stock-same story- got a balanced pair so this has to go. bought it used from here
 - comes with box, metal case- SOLD

3. Ultrasone Sig pro- all stock
enjoy when I use it but not enough to keep. Picked it up used. in Good condition
 comes with case, box and the two cables- SOLD

4.Denon D5000- with Norse cable, terminated to 4-pin XLR- yes will be hard to replace but makes sense for somebody else to enjoy it
picked up used- 
need xlr balanced amp or adapter to use- SOLD

5.AK Q701 Hardwired dual entry with a 6 ft. Black Norse Audio Sklud 4 conductor cable, terminated to a balanced 4-pin XLR connector-- just plugged this into Emotiva amp:)
need balanced amp or adapter to use- SOLD

Pics upon request or will add as time permits.Sorry, prices are firm

 Buyer pays pay pal fees and shipping fees

Thanks for looking

Not looking for any trade at the moment
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Some really good deals here... :D



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thanks,  need to move them along asap before I think of a reason not to 

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Pics added

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