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Back in the 80's I bought the Sennheiser HD400 to user with my stereo system. Still have them, still use them, yellow pads getting harder to fine. In the 90's I bought the Grado SR60i to use with my portable stereo. Again, still have them, still use them. I think I was lucky that I got such classic headphones that are still well thought of. Now I have an MP3 player and tablet computers. I would like some HOPEFULLY classic headphones to use for this equipment. I travel some and always carry the MP3 and tablet for music and movies. I would like a portable style, on the ear, efficient as I do not want to carry an amp. In the past my friends all were into headphones so I would get their opinions. My friends no longer seem to care about headphones, so I would like to ask my friends in the forum. I would like another classic headphone, under $100, to keep my legacy going. Thinking about the Sennheiser HD229, AGK K450, or one of the Audio Technica's. What do you think? Or another model that you might like.