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Hi guys,

I don't know whether my question is possible to answer or not. Yesterday, I listened music on my Sony Xperia S mobile phone which was using Walkman player (with ClearAudio+ feature turned on). I realized that the sound was much clearer and better when I turned ClearAudio+ on. I understand that the Sony Walkman player itself can generate superb sound quality but I can't deny the fact that the sound just got better when I turned on ClearAudio+. I wonder if the Walkman firmware makes the difference because I just updated my cell week ago and the ClearAudio+ came along with the new update.

Sorry for my long story smily_headphones1.gif The question I want to ask is does in the world ever exist the computer software which can simulate our PC into the popular portable music player like Sony Walkman PMP, Cowon PMP, Hifiman PMP... I want to experience every PMP before I decide to buy the one that suits my interest. I'm really tight with my budget. 

Cheers guys

P/S: Sorry for my bad english!

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