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earbuds recomendation

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I need some confortable and good noise isolating earphones with clear sound and also that stays in my ears to replace my panasonic rp-hje120 that they where unconfortable before I replace the tips with my old sennheiser cx 300 tips and now they are very confortable but the noise isolating and the sound is average but good for the price also the volume is low. I also tried the cx 300 but they where not to good for the price I prefere the rp-hje120...

which one of these earbuds do you recommend me to buy:



klipsch S3

Apple earpods

Yamaha eph-50

Beyerdynamic Dtx 41

Panasonic rp-hje 180 (low price)

Sony Mdr-ex10 (low price)

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No one?

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Check out Jokers comparison of earphones (IEMS) and look at the summary chart to find which ones within your budget you feel might suit you.


His guide is pretty spot on when it comes to getting the most for your money.

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