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For Sale:
Help Fund my 21st Birthday: Mad Dogs (Alpha Pads & Comfort Strap) + Schiit Magni.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all!


This coming weekend I'll turn 21. I'm two years into my Pharmacy Doctrate, but the government only now considers me responsible enough to drink (legally) :rolleyes:. I want to drive to Dallas with some friends to celebrate, so I need money. Unfortunately, these babies have to go, since I'm hardly home long enough to use them.


The Magni is in perfect condition. You'll get all it came with, except the box, which I don't have.


I am the second owner of the Mad Dogs. They're either the 3.0 or 3.2 version, but I'm leaning more towards 3.0, per the previous owner. They have a sliiight tinge of smoke (not cigarette smoke though) from the previous owner. Believe me, it's not noticeable until you actively try to detect it, and it's most detectable at the top of the headband. You'll also notice that it's a custom color. This set was produced as part of an Autism Awareness event. 


I'd love to sell these ASAP, hopefully even tonight, since we know Paypal takes a couple of days to transfer the funds to one's bank account.


PM me with offers and questions!