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For Sale:
Import: KOJO Japanese upscale portable interconnect cable for domestic market

Will Ship To: continental USA

I've finally snagged a bright shiny new Kojo KM01-Brass amp.  Booya!  Not a trivial thing for someone living in the USA.


Due to Japanese translation difficulties while ordering, plus no doubt operator error, I've somehow ended up with a couple of extra 3mm mini-mini (TRS) cables also from Kojo (KOJO KM01-OP1).  Given the level of Japanese audio equipment quality demanded, I presume that these interconnect cables are of highest quality, which is why I also bought the accessory cable(s) while I had the opportunity.


And I am now willing to sell these spare Kojo cables at basically my cost ($97) + shipping.  First come, first served.  A unique opportunity for USA and other audiphiles who normally don't have access to Japanese audio equipment restricted to domestic sales only, for a high-end portable interconnect cable at a fairly reasonable price. PM me if interested.  Continental USA buyers only.


Here is the translated cable product description from the Japanese distributer:


KM01-OP1 EMC shielded cable adopts copper alloy gold-plated PC-OCC transmission of high-quality, plug-in conductor. As electromagnetic guard sleeve, hull is suppressing the influence of external noise.

Both ends stereo mini-plug
Cable length: 110mm

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