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I currently use an Asus Xonar STX with my DT880 250's, but I am thinking about getting an XLR condenser mic for doing voice recording as I want something better than the modmic.  I picked up a Blue Yeti USB but I want to go XLR and go with an AT2020. 


Is there a good headphone amp that I can get that would upgrade my STX and give me an XLR input at the same time?  I've been considering an external DAC / amp for a while now but been hesitant as I am a gamer and use them for gaming as much as music but will need an audio interface for an XLR mic anyway.

I am afraid to lose positional audio in gaming but also curious what a good amp would do with the DT880. I'd consider swapping them out for 600's if it was really amazing.