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Hello guys,


I recently bought the steelseries in ear pro, and i thought id let you guys know what i think about them :)





I thought these were quite comfortable once you get them right, the comply foam is the most comfortable for me.


Sometimes the earloop will slip over, but they do come with earguides, which are quite comfortable.


So overall not bad.



The cable looks sturdy, although when i was riding my bike on a windy day the sound cut in and out, i cant really reproduce this at home? maybe anyone of you knows.


Isolation/Sound leakage:

The isolation with comply is a little above average, just about average without them.

There is a little bit of sound leakage at high volumes, not like my SE215 with dont leak at all.



Probably what most of you came for, these are balanced armature drivers, the mids are forwarded a bit, but id say overall, the sound is quite balanced.


Now, for a balanced armature driver, the bass on this is quite impressive, not for bassheads though :)



At first i thought these sounded quite bad because i was used to the bass of the meelectronix m6, but than after a while of listening when i wanted to A/B them, the steelseries, trampled them, as they should, i could really hear how undetailed the m6 is in comparison, and how nice the mids where on the steelseries, the bass was a bit less important to me after listening to them both, because at first, i thought that the steelseries had bad bass, but i was used to the audio technica m50 and meelec m6, which are both quite bass heavy compared.


Now i think the in ear pro has satisfying bass.



they grew on me quite a bit in sound. i really enjoy them now


I hope you enjoyed my short review, and please forgive my mistakes, its my first review. im not that good at describing particular sounds yet :)


oh and if anyone can tell me about the cutting in and out of sound when on the bike including wind, please tell me :) ty!