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For Sale:
Ibasso DX50

Will Ship To: Anywhere

"Being in Australia our dollar is terribly weak next to USA, iBasso charge $239 + $19 USD shipping. After Paypal currency conversation the total amount I paid for this unit was $288.23 AUD, it sucks but that's what it'll cost someone in Australia to buy a DX50 unit (at the time of that conversation). I've attached a screenshot of the Paypal receipt showing that was the amount paid. What I'm willing to do is let this go and help someone not have to take those fees and exchange rate I did. The sale is for Australian residents only as I want to help someone out here and it's pointless selling to someone in USA for this item.

The player itself is in excellent condition purchased on the 10th September never left the house and running firmware v1.2. The original screen protector would not stick and I made one up from an iPhone 4s. There's nothing wrong with the player except the usual bugs people are experiencing, you would be buying the unit aware of those bugs present. It will come in the original box with original USB/Data cable, storage pouch and warranty card. So basically you'll get a DX50  cheaper than iBasso charge in almost new condition with (free) shipping anywhere in Australia at much cheaper price than it would cost an Australian resident. "


quoted from the ad which i bought the DX50 from


Used a few times but didnt fit my genre of music


Price excludes shipping and paypal fees