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The palm tree one

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You must have me confused with someone else.:blink:

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Anyway it's also helpfull to share experience.I've been reading quite a lot of positive reviews about the sound magic hp200's.They certainly tick all my boxers in the construction department and all the reviews thus far,that I have read,have given them positive audio reviews .

As it stands I'm inclined towards Sennheiser HD 598 or sound magic hp200's as they fit my criteria the best . Ideally I'd compare them myself though that's not practical .

I'm also curious to hear the hi-fi man 400`s.Just to hear if these planar types of headphones offer any overall audio improvement over dynamic headphones.Though the size/weight put me off as l do like to be very mobile whilst listening to music.

So my final decision would depend on which headphone, Sennheiser HD 598 v's sound magic hp200's, has the most balanced audio characteristics . Maybe they are a very close match?. smily_headphones1.gifbiggrin.gif
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HP-200 is closed?
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They're open.
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Yes! hp200 are open .hp100 are closed .

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