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They sounded quite open when I auditioned them. I think the grills may have fooled me.
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Originally Posted by Me x3 View Post

Fidelio M1 are closed-back headphones.

Fidelio X1 are open back headphones (and more expensive than M1s)

The Fidelio look very well designed !

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Originally Posted by Me x3 View Post

I think you should also consider Yamaha's Hph-200 if you want a compact open back design.

Their sound is warm and detailed.


Best Luck!

Look good, but  with 40mm drivers their not quite what I want  . Besides I have some Astrotex AS-100HD which look very similar to the Hph-200 .And they do sound a little precise than the px100's.

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The kef m500 has 40mm drivers... And theyre tiny.
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I'm definitely leaning towards the Fidelio X1's .


This review of the ma900 makes me think they may not be quite what I want


Anyone know of a ma900 vs Fidelio X1 comparison ?

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Thats probably the only negative review you're going to find.  The MA900 is soooooooo much better than the Fidelio L1, so I can't trust his judgement.

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Will reply to this when on pc.
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Or at the MA900 appreciation thread:  Hes very active.

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Anybody here use the MA900's for listening to electronic genres of music ?.Do they handle the kick drums / mid freq drums effectively ?. i.e- are they any good for tribal,tech or prog house or are they more for sitting back and listening to ambient / chill out?. I just have a theory that with  large drivers and possibly a comparatively small magnet they may be under responsive in music that features lots of dynamic rhythm .


Obliviously I'm just making presumptions/guessing!.


Going ever so slightly off topic, but it ends up being about the sound/headphones. It would be far wiser & practical if I used & others used a detailed method (experiment) to record our findings/results of these headphones.A method that could then be repeated by others to strengthen the evidence.Until their was so much evidence that it became an accepted 'Theory' ,like evolution or climate change, for good evidence based ,thinking, examples .


Either that or we all just run around in circles shouting our opinions and whomever is left standing after this madness  can pretend that the chance/opinionated events that lead up to them receiving their headphones means that they have the best they could get for the money<< highly unlikely .  in fact looking at the methods used on these forums chances are you don't have the headphones that would suit your tastes the best .


It is quite plausible that the best sounding headphone for a any listeners particular circumstances  has already been designed (what would capitalism do if that was a fact?) .i.e - a headphone that is sonically   well tuned that nothing but a 'genuine'  evolution in technology could better it .But we never know because so much is based on so many subjective opinions rather than independent, objective, points of view acquired through reasonable experiment.


As an analogy(similar story ), it reminds me of the sad fact that because of habitat/nature destruction, their are many living creatures/species that are being driven to extinction that humans will probably never even knew existed .


And since we get much of our technological innovation/ideas from the natural world ,we may never have the chance to discover a new technology that leads to the evolution of audio tech/headphones, because we've killed of so much bio-diversity that we have nothing left of any genuine worth (life) to give us the inspiration .Only a human  mono culture of selfishness that creates it's own hunger for ever more material gain at the expense of biological loss/our roots.


And all because people were taught not to care about any other living thing than themselves/their belief's. And that the highly evolved emotions of care/love lose their pivotal role in giving us human animals our humanity. .


But that's just a theory .I do hope I'm proved wrong .

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^Saying the obvious. Of course it is good to have our selfishness fresh in mind for the sake of changing that... If that is what one wants. 

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I got lost :S.
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Making assumptions about sound out of the driver and magnet size is not a good idea. Cups acoustics, type of earpads and driver quality can make two different headphones with drivers of the same size, sound totally different.

I think that we have to separate two importants concepts here. The first one is subjectivity. We are all here giving subjective/personal opinionsfor sure but not only because we put some of our feelings in what we write. Second, and objectivly talking, each one of us have different ears (in terms of acoustics) and different hearing capabilities (depends on age, training, etc). Finally, another important thing to mention is that most of the times we claim things comparing a product with what we undestand as a reference. As an example, people who normally listen to Beyerdynamic's sound will find Sennheiser's sound quite muddy, 'veiled' and lacking detail. On the other hand, people who consider Hd650 as its reference will probably claim that DT880's sound is over bright.

Don't get me wrong, it is not that we are only choosing subjectively between Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser, our mind after some hours (or some days) of listening can take that sound as its own reference and then you need to listen to the 'other sound' for some hours (or some days) before making any claims. But most of the times is easier to just listen to a single song and claim 'veiled' or 'bright'.

After talking about our different hearing capabilities and bio-acoustics (and also likes), I think we can not make a headphone that suits everyone perfect.
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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

I got lost :S.

What happened to your old avatar?

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Which one? Obito?
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