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HiFIMan's HE 400's? Or...?

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Hey guys, Im new to the headphone world and have just built a new PC... 


I am on my PC for hours and hours everyday, and feel as though It is lacking sound... 


I watch MANY movies and listen to ALOT of music... 


I mainly listen to EDM (alot of drum and bass, armin van buuren, ect..ect..)

Occasionally rap.. but not as much...


I have stumbled upon these HifiMan HE-400's and love how they look, and apparently (luck for me) they are great for EDM, and most say that is where they really shine... 


Though, I am new to headphones they are quite expensive at $400.. and then I'd need to think about a DAC and AMP to hook them up to my computer (to get them to shine)... (as right now my mobo dosn't have a sound card installed).. It still just has the onboard sound that it came with from factory... (so im guessing i'd need a soundcard or DAC..? and an amp?) (could you steer me in the right direction on which to go for, on a budget of course...)


Now we are talking $550 or so.. depending which I go with... 


I am just wondering what you guys think of these headphones? 


Should I get them...? or are there another pair that I should look at..?? What about the HE 300's..? (though i heard they dont come close to the HE 400's..) 


I didn't really want to spend this much .. $500+ on the headphone set-up.. but if they are the answer to my needs then I might as well..


As I said before I mainly listen to EDM type music.. alot of bass and beats.. female vocals as well..  


I figure with the amount of time I spend on the computer I can justify the price.. but only if they are actually worth it!  


Thanks again guys. 

P.S. Ive heard there would be a few "mods" i could do to improve on them upon receiving them... any1 else know anything about this..? 


Thanks again! 

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Asus xonar dx (also with virtual surround for movies/games) and the schiit vali (very promising amp) along with the HE-400 perhaps? Remember, the comfort is quite individual and the HE-400 is pretty heavy. Also, there might be other headphones that are better for watching movies (lighter closed headphones with more loose/boomy bass, in general).

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I hear you, what headphones would you recommend other than these?..

these where at the very top of my price range, what other ones do you have in mind?
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There's the phillips fidelio x1 perhaps. Does't really need much amping either. Would recommend getting a sound card or cheaper amp/dac to go with it, but it isn't necessary.


Else, look at the fun factor in MLE's gaming thread and read his reviews: http://www.head-fi.org/t/534479/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-updated-9-2-2013-sony-ma900-added


There's also the k712/k702 65th aniiversary.


The HE-400 is definitely still standing strong in your case, I'd say as it is amazing value for using with edm.

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