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(I'm not an english native speaker, but I'll try my best. :beerchug:)


Like the topic name says, I'm interested in the vmoda m100, but maybe there are other Headphones which you can recommend.


Here is my story to explain my situation:

Headphones I own (in order I bought them):

AKG 240 MK2

AKG 702

Beyerdynamic 770

Sennheiser Amperior


In the past I was always looking for neutral (audiophile) Headphones, till I met the Amperior. I realy enjoy the punchy Bass und the Highs, the in ya face sound.

I also listend to the AKG 518, but they was realy a disappointment, way to much Bass, bad highs and no resolution (and to much cramp force).

Before I thought my 770 was Bass heavy, compared to my 702, but the Amperior changed everything. Im realy happy with the Amperior. Its just fun to listen with it!

After that experience my 702 are realy stressing me out while listening. I realy like the 702 Soundstage, but for anything else I prefer my 770/Amperior (the Amperior more).

The only downside of the Amperior is the comfort! The cups hurt my ears after some time. So they are great for short trips (I bought them for my Smartphone), but for home Im looking for some more comfort Headphones (over ear) which also have a sound like the amperior. So I think closed and over ear Headphones are the way to go.


Im listening to all kinds of modern Music.

I found the VModa M100, but maybe you can recommend me others too (with reasons please), based on your experience which would fit my experience told above.

And maybe someone with Amperior and M100 experience here?


My Headphone amp is a Lake People G100, so Impedance is not a Problem.