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Poll Results: Want it?

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    Definitly Yes!!!
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    No, not interested at all.
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I have been in the market for some budget IEMs and was considering getting the Tridents so getting these instead would obviously be very awesome for me. They would make my bus rides and library visits far more enjoyable

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Hey Dunu,


DN 1000 comes with the innovative Hybrid Technology, and it would really nice to own one...

Am really excited to get amazed by the Quality of Music that's produced from your Dynamic Balanced Armature
So participating in the hope of winning one and to get a whole new experience of Listening to Hi Quality Music...


Long Live DUNU and Quality Music Experience..!!!



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I want DUNU badly, so badly that I am seriously considering to name my sons after it (DUNU DN-1000, DUNU DN-1001, DUNU DN-1002...).

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I would absolutely love to try out DUNU's new flagship pair of hybrid IEMs due to the following reasons, and I hope that you will take the time to read it. 


Firstly, I've never heard or owned any hybrid opposed to the widely used dynamic and BA drivers only which has made me curious over the years on how the dynamic driver can make up for the weak bass of BA drivers, and how the BA drivers can complement the dynamic drivers by providing clarity and better treble-high's, which fits me quite well as I pay alot of attention to the treble and highs more than bass. Second of all, the reviews by Joker and other reviewers all over Head-Fi about the Trident, Detonator and Landmine always made me want to give Dunu products a shot, and if I get to hear these IEMs (even for a brief week or so), I would love to contribute back to the society by writing a brief impressions on these hybrids and recommend them to the rest of the Head-Fi community who may be quite eager. Lastly, is that Dunu doesn't really seem to have any dealers in Hong Kong (sadly), so even though I really wanted to try out the other Dunu products before buying my SE215s, I didn't really have the chance to do so, resulting that my only chance in getting a shot at the new Dunu IEMs is through here. Even if I don't get the prestigious gift from you guys, I guess the Hong Kong community would be very grateful if a dealer/retailer could be organised in Hong Kong so we could actually hear the sound the Dunu produces. 


My audiophile journey as a student has been quite depressing, since while wanting to purchase all these different types of gear, the best I can ever do is to audition them by camping at audio stores, but never to own them. If I get to own a pair of the DN-1000, it would definitely be a dream come true, and will certainly be the highlight of my year, as well as a brilliant birthday + Christmas present, as I haven't got presents or any celebration for either occasions for quite a few years now thanks to the recession. I'd most certainly send you a Christmas card in return! (:


I would really appreciate the chance to hear these, and look forward to your response. 


Thanks Dunu, and I really hope that you could be my Santa Clause, and I hope to hear good news from you (:

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I would be great to compare this new hybrid beasts pair with my old zoo :)

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Well, I've eyed this one for a while... I want to compare to a few things and get a review done! Hence I'd want one :D

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I want them because I've used Shure SE535's for years and have never found anything I like more and so I'd very much like for somebody to give me a reason to change IEM's cause although I love the Shures ... I still want to get a new pair of IEM ... therefore, receiving these would solve the entire dilemma  .. 

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Originally Posted by rockywu0204 View Post

Appreciate for being so kind, but Don't eat my pie:eek:~~~. 

So am I right in assuming that there is indeed pie to be offered.


And I completely forgot to mention, I've been lining up a team comparison with other IEMs around the price range, the other teammate being @sfwalcer, the Dunus would make a great addition. If I don't make it, do consider him as well, I'm not sure if he's signed up for this one or not, he never gets anything though, he's so sad and pitiful.

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I often like songs for seemingly minute details. Payphone by Maroon 5 is one of them; the background chords give me the feeling of bright color paints dispersing on canvas, but I can only get this feeling when I listen with high end headphones or speakers. This is why I want an DUNU-1000- because I think DUNU-1000 will allow me to enjoy all that music has to offer on the go. 

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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

So am I right in assuming that there is indeed pie to be offered.





It was I who offered to bake the pie...


I don't have any recent pics on the computer I'm at right now. This one is from a few years ago. I've had a lot more practice since then...


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If you give me one I will exchange it with Dac Pcb built to be used with the ESS9018

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Nice! Hope I could have the chance to try this beast out.:D

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Oh and I could send a special treat that persians call Lavashak, That is if you like sour snacks. I have some  from Iran, in fact it is from my grandfather who i haven't seen in several years (don't worry it was sent from him quite recently). 

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Hoping to win this contest (PLEASE).. This will be my first DUNU if ever :etysmile: thanks DUNU for the opportunity 

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i've read about dunu earphones there and here, but never tried them myself. hope i win one to try it out!

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