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Poll Results: Want it?

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    Definitly Yes!!!
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    No, not interested at all.
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I'm not desperate for them as my customs keep me happy but I always like something good to have with me. If I got them, I would give an honest review and I have plenty of tips and associated things to play them with. I would never resell them but offer them for a tour of known culprits. Never heard a Dunu but if I do, I promise to find some Cameo to listen to.

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I would definitely like to try it. My experience with Dunu has been good as I've tried two earphones on loan before and they were definitely enjoyable. I would give my opinions on it and then probably pass it on as a gift or to someone here eventually.

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I'll certainly take a crack at them!  I don't know much about the company, but perhaps that's what you're looking for - fresh blood.


My current IEMs are a bit...let's say...rough around the edges.  If these sound as nice as they look I'm sure I'd put them to VERY good use!

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I want those DUNU's more badly than all the other responders put together. Plus I'll probably rave about it all over this and other forums...serious :D

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I want one so much. I promise i've been good. Please santa, i promise i won't be naughty ever again.
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I have never tried a Dunu product before. Would love to hear one soon

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i want them so badly that i am using the corsair 1500 that ive had for over 2 years... i need a real audio headphone to show me the light of audiophile glory.

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I have three of DUNU's products in the past and there was a huge growth between each of them, and I am interested to hear the growth that the company has done with the DN-1000, which seems to be quite interesting.

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I just picked up the DUNU Trident DN-12s. I think they are one of the best earphones in their price range. I think DUNU is going to be a fovorite of mine for sometime. I would love to listen to the DN-1000. DUNU has a great product in the crowded world of mid range earphones.
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I don't want another one, because I have one already and I can't take them out of my ears, so if I get another one I have no more spare ears to put them in :wink_face:


...just want to chime in and say...MY GOODNESS THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY SUPERB!!



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I want one ridiculously badly. This will be my first experience with a DUNU product, and it will also be my first chance at listening to a hybrid. Please send one this way... pretty please?

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I pulled an all nighter last night and I want to win these as badly as I want sleep right now!!!!!! (mathematical finance Master student here - and severely lacking sleep!)

I really try to give all product lines a listen (ones that I have access to at least) especially when it comes to IEMs but unfortunately I've still never heard a DUNU iem. I've read several good things about the DUNU lineup and would love a chance to experience one!! Would be great if you could make this happen!

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I want one badly enough that I will bake you a pie :tongue:

I want one badly enough that I will eat the pie this man bakes in your honor, in order to resolve the shipping conflict. That's how devoted I am.


Actually my previous impressions during the prior giveaway were a tad bit too brief, and not so positive to add insult to injury. I generally enjoy Dunu stuff, as people in real life can attest to - it's the only gift earphones that I usually give out during the holidays since I don't have to worry much about them breaking the darned things. So I'd like to give a bit of a fairer shake this time around and write something even more substantial and sizable, even if I don't take to them.


Heck, I might just buy one for myself if this doesn't pan out instead.

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I'd love to get to hear Dunu flagships. I got the chance to hear a few DUNU IEMs before and always liked the general sound sig, but I think the three drivers could definitely make the sound a bit better overall.

I have also been dying to try a hybrid IEM for some time. The quad drivers in my UE900 just don't cut it in the bass department. :L3000:

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