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DUNU Hybrid earphone DN-1000 giveaway. Winner anounced - Page 8

Poll Results: Want it?

  • 95% (87)
    Definitly Yes!!!
  • 4% (4)
    No, not interested at all.
91 Total Votes  
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Better have a tart banana biscuit available for the other 94 participants, else they'll be livid.


 (the cucumber was for something else)

I'm sure it was.

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No no no, you're getting that mixed up with the zucchini...

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I want this DN1000 so badly that I am willing to trade my XBA-4 for this!

I want this hybrid DN1000 badly because I am actually looking for a bassy IEM to compliment my collection!

As well as reviewing it biggrin.gif
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Hello, I would like a chance at these very attractive earphones

I want them sooo badly that if I win, I would shave my armpits with a dull razor and apply shaving lotion immediately after.......

Ottawa, Canada
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I want to win these earphones so bad, I will run a 21k marathon and show pics later if I get chosen.  I'll return the IEM if I will not be able to do so.

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I want a pair, to try it with my Tera Player....Thank you.

Why would I like a pair? Because the look like they've been build to last a long time and Dunu doesn't disappoint when is about sound quality.

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Never owned an audiophile IEM, but if its free I wouldn't mind it :D! Pick me.....want to try it with X3.

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I want these...I'll even pay for them!

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I want these badly enough to take the ten seconds necessary to post in this thread! etysmile.gif

I'd love the chance to review these. Thanks for the opportunity!
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I want them so badly so i do not go bored at work as i dont have a set of headphones there yet. please?

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baby just give it to me!

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I need these to wear at work(and home) as the kangaroos are not very good conversationalists and just keep repeating their stupid monologue and seem to think I find their company interesting-----NOT!!!

So, if you want to save my sanity, and the stupid kangaroos, please send me a pair! I'll even send you a photo of the kangaroos that you have helped save.

It's hell working in the bush in SE Queensland, Australia, and not having a good pair of IEM's to listen to, just those stupid kangaroos.....So help me, one day....!

Help! I need those IEM's!  

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I want those too, and i am replying! :)

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I have been considering hybrids for a while as I could never get the presicion in a single dynamic unit or the subbass in an armature driver - most bloated midbass overshawdoing the mids. These sound just right and the design is very similar to Super.Fi 4 in all metal housing and I remember them being super-comfortable. The other hybrids don't look that comfortable. The sounds isolation looks on par with Super.Fi 4 and it was great with Comply's - by description the sound sig of these should be right up my street.

So, yes I definitely want them - BADLY

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fuar I want them

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