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VSONIC GR07s or Atrio MG7s?

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Hey guys,


I was looking at getting another pair of IEMs after my GR07s went deaf in one ear (I was a bit lazy in getting on top of the warranty return) so I just decided to purchase a new pair of IEMs.


I've heard good things about the MG7s and I really enjoyed the GR07s (I still have all the customisable tips), so I was just looking for some input as to which ones I should buy, or if anyone had any other recommendations?


I am mostly listening to EDM but that may tend to change at time, I value more heavy bass and good isolation.





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If really heavy bass and isolation is the most important factor, the MG7s are superior.  Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the deep insertion on the MG7s so I prefer the GR07 Bass Editions, but I definitely liked how the MG7's sounded when I had them.  Isolation also isn't as good, but that's also not as important as fit to me.

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