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For Sale:
[Mint] B&O H6 Over-Ear Headphones in "Natural" color

Will Ship To: US

Hey guys,


I'm a longtime reader of the forums (not so much of a contributor if you look at my post count). My wife and I were recently gifted B&O H6 Over-Ear Headphones. She has used them for a little (less than 20 hours) and decided that she'd much rather just use a the Apple earphones instead (the old ones :P). Anyways, I've been tasked with getting some cash for these, so they are.


As I said, these have been used for less than 20 hours (probably closer to 15 hours). They're in mint condition, no physical flaws that I can see. They'll come with the original box, headphone cables, and carrying case.


From a listener's point of view, I would say that they'll provide a very balanced listening experience - B&O says they strive for sound accuracy. They are very comfortable and very well designed. The headphone cable can plug into either side of the headphone. In addition, I think you can daisy chain headphones together - haven't tried though. There's a great review here:


So I've done 1-2 transactions here, but I spent much more time at a tech forum so I have more feedback on Heatware:


In addition, I have an eBay rating of about 200, which I can provide upon request. Thanks!

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