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Full size recommendation

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I'm back in the headphone game after finding dissapointment with my one true love,

so I must look elsewhere to get my pleasure.

But to hell with it, i'm not monogamous, this isn't my first time around the block

i've tried:


Sennheiser HD 598 (I have one of the sides of the headphone crack and break, and now the cup doesn't fit entirely over the head. Slightly cuffed off. These ones are intimate, but felt like they were cluttered and had a slightly compressed sound stage.)


Sennheiser HD 550 (I had both the sides on these crack. Still worked fine, but weary about having another Sennheiser that may act like it's siblings. I remember liking these, but always thought there might be something with the more 'wow' factor.)


V-Moda Crossfade M-100 (I really liked the idea of these. Sturdy build, detachable cable, over ear, portable, but it was an all out disaster below the clouds and into the fields past dreams. There's nothing wrong with them, but they're not fun or intimate. And the high's can be slightly painful. It's as if when a song gets into its personal space and has a moment in a melody or solo, instead of getting into a meditative groove, you're waiting in a bunker for the next bomb to launch off and explode as the song just pierces into one note too high. OUCH!)


Koss Porta-Pro and Sennheiser MX-100 (or whatever their portable competition to Koss is)


Monster Gold or Bronze IEM (These were decent, but kind of like the M-100's in terms of failing to reach a wow sound signature)


Grados RS-1 (I tried these with a very nice amp and remember finding them just okay. To me they weren't the entire fun I was looking for or expecting)


Sennheiser HD 202 (These were my brothers, and I only tried them for one summer. But I remember for a twenty dollar pair of headphones, and having tried much more expensive ones, I had an inclination to steal his because I found their sound signature very thrilling in terms of fun and intimacy)


Sony MDR Ma900 (These have everything I like, super comfortable, simple/smart rugged design in my opinion, circular fit and lightweight make it feel as if wearing nothing. It's got an excellent and sort of vibrant soundstage that countains the sort of sound signature I want. But it's as if a robot is recreating the song. Like there's sort of a wall separating the singer from reaching their ear, or singing in the room over. And you want to knock at his or her door to hear better. Dry, boring. As if there's a wall. Already said that)


I am definitely looking for something:

Over Ear

Comfortable for long periods (Like the Sennheiser HD 550s or Sony MDR Ma900, although sound is more important)

Fun/intimate sound signature


I would prefer, although again not superceding sound:

Detachable cable



I listen to:

Folk, Ragtime. Bob Dylan, Richie Havens.

Movie and Video Game soundtracks

And EDM. Infected Mushroom, Trance, DJ Shadow, Drum and Bass, etcetera

And the other standard genre's, so it's mostly important that it work's well with many.


About $500 is my limit.

I was looking at the HE-400, but at this point, my own research hasn't found my a very strong winning headphone's so I seriously need help

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HE 400, you may need an extra pad for comfort ( and ear pad modification


Do you use DAC/amp?

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Currently I just have the Creative Sound Blaster Z audio card, and will occasionally use it on an iPod classic/iPhone

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HE 400 can be driven by an ipod or any portable music player.

But sound quality of HE 400 is far better with E 17 than on board sound card of Toshiba laptop. I guess the Creative Sound Blaster Z audio card will enhance the sound quality of HE 400

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I will also look into possibly upgrading after purchasing, but how is its sound signature compared to the Sony MDR Ma900 and/or Sennheiser HD500 series?

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Have you tried HD650?

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Originally Posted by EkehMayu View Post

I will also look into possibly upgrading after purchasing, but how is its sound signature compared to the Sony MDR Ma900 and/or Sennheiser HD500 series?

I do not have experience with MA 900 or HD500. I have only K240 MKII, HE 400 and few other iems and crappy bose.
I was looking for headphones with wider soundstage. I was considering MA 900, X1, HD 600 and HE 400. But a senior member of head fi suggested me to go for HE 400, if I could afford for it. HE 400 is planar magnetic headphone. I love how they sound. I can only say that you will never regret, if you go for HE 400.


If you intend to buy dac/amp, consider E17. Best dac/amp for the cheap price.

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