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HI, I'm new here. I am really confused right know because i am looking for a headphone or earphone that match my ear XD

I usually listen to Japanese songs. Well, i don't know either it the category is J-rock or J-pop or else.

I usually listen to supercell, SPYAIR, EGOIST, UVERworld, SCANDAL, and The Back Horn songs for group band. For a solo singer, i usually listen to Utada Hikaru, Galileo Galilei, Ito Yuna, CHiAKi KURiYAMA and other else.

Anyway, i'll give the detail. i usually trying critically to listen the melody or called instrument like the guitar and pianos. But i also need to feel the beat from the drum and the bass. I like punchy bass though. The singer's also need to be clear, but not stand up so high that put down the song's instrument. Maybe more to the all-round type?

Any recommendations which one should i buy? I'll look for any price. Just don't be too expensive like reaching 3.5 million rupiah. Thanks. :dt880smile: 

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You might want to check the buying guides, including:



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I'll take a look. FYI: i once had Sennheiser CX-200 but OEM not original. But my friend lost it. So now i only had Sennheiser HD 202. I just that the bass is less punchy.

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